May 16-18, 2011

Poster Session 1100-1230

No. Authors Title
1. Józef Paszkowski, Grzegorz Sowa, Zbigniew Filutowicz The Management Processes as a Key to Effective Introducement of Informative Technologies in Enterprises
2. Konrad Grzanek The Protrace Library Enhancements: Automation, Linguistic Exceptions and Pattern Matching
3.Tadeusz Nawarycz, Krzysztof Pytel, Danuta Rutkowska, Lidia Ostrowska-NawaryczDiagnosis of The Metabolic Syndrome in Children - A Fuzzy Clustering Approach
4.Krzysztof Pytel, Tadeusz NawaryczThe Modified Genetic Algorithm for Optimization a Function of Many Variables.
5.Anna Wilbik, Janusz Kacprzyk Evaluation of Temporal Linguistic Summaries Via a Degree of Appropriateness
6.Marek MatusiakA Precise Illumination Balance in Photography - A Computer Evaluation Method
7.Grzegorz Sowa, Anna Mikołajczyk, Józef Paszkowski Optimisation of Health Services Location in Łęczyca District, (Poland)
8.Jan MakuchWykorzystanie Nowoczesnych Technologii Sieciowych w Sieciach Uniwersyteckich XXI Wieku
9.Artur HłobażModern Steganographic Methods and Its Practical Application
10.Antanas Andrius BielskisHuman Computer Interaction of E-Health Care System for a Smart Eco-Social House
11.Maciej SwiechowskiFast Point-Cloud Triangulation Using Adaptive Radial Structures
12. Agata Skowrońska-Kapusta, Andrzej Cader, Piotr GoetzenSystems for Learning Personalization
13.Krzysztof MachowskiComputer Simulation of Natural Fire Ventilation Systems
14.Mateusz Sztukowski, Piotr Goetzen, Andrzej Szelejak, Agata Skowronska-Kapusta, Jakub Misztela, Alina MarchlewskaSelf-optimized Network in Wi-Fi environment - the basis of existance
15.Kamil SawickiImplementing Qos in Isp Network - Early Stage Research
16.Jakub MisztelaLow Layer Security Problems in Production Networks