May 16-18, 2011

The main purpose of the PD FCCS'2011

is to offer a forum for Ph.D. students to present and discuss their thesis with researchers of the Computer Science community. Ph.D. students will be given the opportunity to get feedback on their work from experienced researchers. Moreover, a similar opportunity will be offered to M.S. students. The forum may provide useful guidance on completing their theses and initiating their research careers.

The PD Forum-Conference has two main aims. Firstly, it is intended to help young researchers at the start of their scientific careers to meet and share their work with others in similar position from various universities in Poland, as well as abroad. Secondly, it is expected to be an opportunity for Ph.D. students of computer science to get advice from more experienced researchers, especially from distinguished professors of this area who have served as supervisors and reviewers of many Ph.D. theses.